Sacred Heart Parish


Parents not registered in Sacred Heart Parish

Parents not registered with Sacred Heart Parish must be registered before the baptism of your child.

Baptismal classes

Parents must attend a baptismal class. Classes are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 pm in the rectory basement. Both parents should attend. Please call the rectory, 610-435-5171, to register for the class.


A godparent must be 16 years of age or more, have had all their sacraments, and if married, be in a valid marriage. A Catholic can only be a godparent. If a Catholic does not qualify to be a godparent, a Catholic cannot be a Christian witness. Godparents are to be one of each sex, male and female. Only one godparent is necessary for baptism. Any godparent not from our parish must obtain a "Certificate of Eligibility" from the parish to which they belong. Parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish do not require certification provided they are active Catholics. You must be an active registered member of the parish for six (6) months prior to receiving a certificate of eligibility to be a sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation.

Christian Witness

A non-catholic can be a Christian witness and stand with the parents and child at baptism. Again, a Catholic not in good standing cannot be a Christian witness. A Christian witness must also be 16 years of age.

When does Sacred Heart Parish perform baptisms?

Baptisms are done after the 12:15 pm mass every Sunday at 1:15 pm. Upon special request, baptisms can also done during the 12:15 pm mass on the third Sunday of each month.


If you have family or friends that are attending the 12:15 pm mass before your child's baptism at 1:15 pm please remind them that Holy Communion is only for Catholics.

Godparent's Eligibility Forms

Parents should obtain these forms directly from the godparents, and then send them into the rectory. Do this as soon as possible. These forms must be obtained before a baptism takes place, so do them early on. Baptizing children from another parish – Parents from another parish requesting to have their child baptized at Sacred Heart Parish must obtain permission from their pastor in writing to have the baptism done at Sacred Heart Parish.

Baptizing our children at another parish

Parents requesting to have their child baptized at another parish must first attend our baptism preparation class, and then we will send a letter of permission to the church doing the baptism. Be sure to give us the complete name of the priest and of the church where the baptism is to take place.

Clergy baptizing that are not from our parish or diocese

Any priest or deacon not from the Diocese of Allentown must send Sacred Heart Parish a letter from his diocese stating he is in good standing. Mail that permission letter to Sacred Heart Parish, attention Father Gibbons.